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When you are

on a ride, 

Guardian Horse is by your side!


The Guardian Horse App is your guardian angel during a horse ride. When you start a ride in the app, your location as well as your emergency information is accessible on your personal Guardian Horse HelpMe Board. In case of emergency, first responders and your personal emergency contacts can manage and synchronize your rescue using this board. With our Guardian Horse Emergency Tracker, the app can even automatically detect an accident and send out an emergency SMS to your contacts immediately.


Start a Ride
in the App


Feel Safe on Your Ride


Get Help in Case of Emergency

Sharing the Passion and Supporting the Mission


“The app gives me a feeling of security - because even with the most well-behaving horse an accident can happen. And alone in the field, this can have serious consequences. So: thumbs up! Easy to use, ready to go and absolutely reliable. "

Sandra Schneider, Riding and Horse Trainer (, VOX "Pferdeprofi"

#YourSafetyIsOurConcern - Under this motto, the United Sports Products Group Germany (USG) is always working on the development of new helmets, safety vests, protectors and the EquiAirbag® products, to which top athletes like Ingrid Klimke entrust their health. In 2021, USG and Guardian Horse established a partnership, because no matter if competition or pleasure riding – we share the belief that you should not take avoidable risks in question of your personal protection.


In the course of this year, almost all new USG helmets and vests will be equipped with an USG HelpMe Badge. These badges can be connected to your Guardian Horse HelpMe Board. On the back of the badge, there is a QR-Code and a PIN that allows first responders to access your emergency information and synchronize with your family, your riding stable or other participants of the rescue operation. Please find here more details on the partnership and the USG HelpMe Badges

The 3 Components of the
Guardian Horse System

Watch Ride

Emergency contacts watch your ride on the HelpMe Board while you are on the move with your horse and our app.


Can be used free of charge and without additional accessories

Support First-Aiders

First-aiders can scan a HelpMe Badge QR-Code to read emergency info and alert your emergency contacts.


Requires at least one Guardian Horse HelpMe Badge 

Detect Accidents

The app automatically detects riding accidents and alerts your emergency contacts directly. No valuable time is lost.


Requires a Guardian Horse Accident Tracker

Use the
Guardian Horse
App for Free!

App is available for Android and iOS devices.

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