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Accident Detection

When our app is extended with a Guardian Horse Accident Tracker, it can automatically detect riding accidents and alert your emergency contacts directly. No valuable time is lost in case of emergency.


How It Works

In the following, we describe the steps required to extend the basic Guardian Horse scenario for surveilling ride outs with our Guardian Horse Tracker for automated horse riding accident detection.

// 01

[Setup] The rider buys a Guardian Horse Accident Tracker in one of our five stylish color variants.

// 02

[Setup] The rider pairs his/her tracker with his/her smartphone using the Guardian Horse app and a bluetooth connection.

// 03

[Setup] The rider uses the included tracker protection case to attach the tracker to his/her horse. For example, on the saddle or the snaffle.

// 04

[Setup] The rider configures the accident detection mechanisms in the Guardian Horse app. The default mechanism uses the bluetooth connection between the tracker and the smartphone to determine if the rider is still in range of his/her horse. If not, the app assumes that the horse did break out as a consequence of a serious fall. Optionally, the rider can activate an additional motionless detection mechanism which assumes that an accident happened when the rider does not move for a pre-configured amount of time. With that second mechanism, scenarios where the horse won't run away are also covered by the app's automated accident detection algorithm.

// 05

[Setup] The rider informs his/her emergency contacts about the functionality of the tracker and ideally runs a test alarm together with the emergency contacts. Doing so ensures that in case of an SOS alert message everyone knows how to react and where to find important information.

// 06

Before riding out, the rider starts a ride in the app and informs his/her emergency contacts about the upcoming ride and potentially incoming emergency SMS messages.

// 07

If all went well, the rider deactivates the ride in the app when he/she arrives at the stable. But, if the rider falls from the horse and remains unconscious, the scenario could go on as follows.

// 08

The Guardian Horse app detects the accident situation and starts a 60 second alarm countdown.

// 09

As the rider is unconscious, the alarm countdown won't be deactivated and our app automatically sends an emergency SMS to the rider's emergency contacts. The SMS contains a link to the rider's HelpMe Board as well as the PIN which is required to access it.

// 10

The emergency contacts realize based on the SMS and the information of the HelpMe board that the rider is motionless. They try to call him/her but he/she does not respond. Hence, the emergency contacts start the rescue measures using the information on the HelpMe Board.

Additional Safety Measures  

The automated accident detection mechanism provides the highest probability for detecting a serious emergency situation during a ride out as fast as possible. In order to further increase this probability and to ensure that all persons involved in a rescue operation have access to important information and status updates, we highly recommend to also consider the two other safety mechanisms supported by the Guardian Horse rider safety system.


[First-Aiders Support] What if the emergency doctor arrives and needs additional information about the casualty? Or what if the rider has blessing in disguise, and a person passes by at the scene of accident that wants to help him/her? We asked ourselves how we could support these first-aiders in the best way. And how we could connect them as quickly and easily with the personal emergency contacts of the horse rider. Therefore, we came up with our Guardian Horse HelpMe Badges. The Badges are visibly attached to the rider (e.g. the helmet) and contain a QR-Code as well as an ID to access the rider's HelpMe Board and thus, potentially important emergency information and the phone numbers of the riders personal emergency contacts. Learn more ...


[Watch Ride Remotely] For this basic safety mechanism the rider needs nothing but a free Guardian Horse app account. Before starting a ride, the rider informs his emergency contacts about the upcoming tour. Then, the emergency contacts can proactively surveil the ride on the Guardian Horse HelpMe board of the horse rider and send a first-aider to the scene of accident in case of emergency. Learn more ...

Your Digital Emergency Control Center

Every registered Guardian Horse app user gets his own personal emergency website - the Guardian Horse HelpMe Board. This board is a central component in all the horse riding safety mechanisms supported by Guardian Horse.


[Guardian Horse HelpMe Board] Depending on the applied safety mechanisms, first-aiders at the scene of accident or emergency doctors on site can have quick and easy access to emergency data and can coordinate the rescue mission with emergency contacts at home or at the riding stable. Learn more ...

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