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Guardian Horse HelpMe Board


A Digital Emergency Control Center

Every registered Guardian Horse app user gets his own personal emergency website - the Guardian Horse HelpMe Board. On this board, emergency contacts can watch the location of the rider and other emergency data during a ride or in case of an accident. In addition, the emergency contacts can inform each other about the status of the rescue measures via the status logbook on the board. Moreover, with the use of our Guardian Horse HelpMe Badges first-aiders or emergency doctors on site can have quick and easy access to emergency data and can coordinate the rescue mission with emergency contacts at home or at the riding stable.

In the following, we describe the main components of the HelpMe Board along with their purpose.


In order to access the HelpMe Board of a Guardian Horse user, one has to enter a valid ID/PIN combination. The ID/PIN combination is provided by the app in the emergency SMS sent to the emergency contacts or by a Guardian Horse HelpMe Badge that the rider carries at his/her body or helmet. The rider can change the board PIN and add/remove valid badges as he/she pleases. Once a badge is removed from the rider's account in the app, the ID/PIN combination on the badge will no longer give access to the rider's HelpMe Board.  


The rider tile contains information about the rider and the live data transmitted from the Guardian Horse app to this HelpMe Board during an active ride.


The Active Alarm icon indicates whether an alarm is currently active on the rider's smartphone. If this is not the case, the icon lights up green, signaling that everything seems to be OK. Otherwise, the icon becomes red.

The Last Known Position section shows the last transmitted position of the rider. In the event of an active emergency alarm, the position coordinates can be passed on to the rescue control center or navigation to the accident site can be started directly via the Google Maps link. If no alarm is active, but the rider should have been back long ago, for example, this can be used to check whether the rider is still on the move and where he/she is. Furthermore, the show all button enables visitors to check previously transmitted positions and thus identify the route of the rider or validate the accuracy of the last GPS location.

The Last App Synchronization section shows when the rider's app last communicated with this HelpMe Board. As soon as the rider starts a ride in the Guardian Horse app, the app transmits the current location of the rider and the current alarm status to the board approx. every 60 seconds. If the rider is currently in a dead zone or if the rider runs out of battery on the smartphone, there is no synchronization between the app and the emergency management board. For example, if a rider does not return from his ride for much longer than planned and cannot be reached by phone call, the emergency contact can see on the board how long the rider has not been 'online' and where the last transmitted position was. In this way, a personal search can be started if necessary and riders can be helped even if the fall happened in a dead zone or when the smartphone was switched off.

Emergency Contacts

The emergency contacts tile shows the phone numbers of the emergency contacts stored by the rider in his app account. A call can be started directly by clicking on the phone button.

Emergency Information

The emergency information tile shows data that the rider has stored for first aiders and emergency doctors and should be taken into account in an emergency situation. Here the rider can provide, for example, information about chronic illnesses, required medication, information on allergies or previous operations, name and special features of the horse, address of the riding stable, and whatever might be of use in an emergency.

Status Logbook

The status logbook tile is a live chat for coordination between rider, emergency contacts and first-aiders. Here, on the one hand, the system enters information about the ride (e.g. When was it started and ended?, When and why was an alarm triggered? Was the alarm deactivated again by the rider?) and, on the other hand, everyone involved can exchange messages with each other. For example, an emergency contact could add the information that they have already informed the ambulance control center and that an emergency doctor is on their way. Or a first aider on site could pass on information about the current condition of the casualty to the emergency contacts at home or at the riding stable.

Further Components of the Guardian Horse Safety System for Horse Riders 

To use the Guardian Horse HelpMe Board described above, one has to apply at least one of the following three ride out safety mechanisms supported by Guardian Horse.

Watch Ride

Emergency contacts watch your ride on the HelpMe Board while you are on the move with your horse and our app.


Can be used free of charge and without additional accessories

Support First-Aiders

First-aiders can scan a HelpMe Badge QR-Code to read emergency info and alert your emergency contacts.


Requires at least one Guardian Horse HelpMe Badge 

Detect Accidents

The app automatically detects riding accidents and alerts your emergency contacts directly. No valuable time is lost.


Requires a Guardian Horse Accident Tracker

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