Frequently asked questions:

Are there any test reports?

Yes, we have already discovered a few reviews. We have linked a selection of them on our homepage. For example, the Association of Leisure Riders and Drivers in Germany (VFD) has published a detailed test report. You can have a look at it at https://www.vfdnet.de/index.php/9625-guardian-horse-im-vfd-test. In addition, the journal St. Georg recommended our system as a digital emergency helper in its April 2019 issue .

Does the system work in forest areas whithout internet reception?

The app only needs a minimal edge signal at the moment when the emergency SMS is to be sent. Otherwise the app only runs locally on the mobile phone - without an internet connection. The network coverage for GSM / Edge signals is almost 100% in Germany. The impression that there is no reception in the area is usually misleading because WhatsApp, Facebook or Runtastic may not be usable here properly. It is often sufficient for an SMS.

How far does the mobile phone have to be away from the horse for the alarm to go off?

On average about 30-50m. Since the system is based on Bluetooth wireless technology, the exact distance depends on the surrounding interference. In the VFD test report, for example, the alarm started after 20m.

What happens if the horse stops right next to me?

Our system is intended for severe falls where the rider is no longer able to use her mobile phone herself. In most cases, such falls are a situation in which the horse gets frightened and breaks. And even if some horses stay with the rider after the fall, they often return to the stable and the herd after a few minutes. A horse is and will remain a flight animal. We discussed this question with many riders, horse and riding accident experts who all confirmed our assumption. Of course there are also exceptions in which this may not happen, and cases in which you are active alone in the riding hall or in the paddock. To support such scenarios as well, we have built a motionless detection feature into the app.

Can I use one tracker with multiple smartphones?

Yes, you can. So you are welcome to share it within the riding participation or with friends at the stable. It is important to us that as many riders as possible can use the possibilities of digitization in order to practice equestrian sport with a feeling of security.

Will the alarm be sent immediately or can I stop it in the event of a false alarm?

If the connection is lost, the app starts a 60-second countdown. During this countdown, your cell phone vibrates, the display lights up and the alarm tone of your cell phone is played. The emergency SMS will only be sent once the countdown has expired and you have not deactivated it.

Can I also locate the horse with the tracker?

No, unfortunately it is not possible to locate the horse. To do this, you would have to install a GPS transmitter. That would make the product much more expensive, it would be more cumbersome to use and would require significantly more energy. We want to keep our system simple and offer it as inexpensively as possible for many people. We have therefore decided not to use GPS tracking in the first version of our tracker.

Does the tracker run on a battery?

Yes. The battery is easy to replace and a replacement battery is included in the scope of delivery. According to the manufacturer, the battery lasts about half a year.

How exactly is the tracker attached to the horse?

There is an eyelet (approx. 4cm diameter) on the tracker with which you can attach it to the saddle or bridle, for example. Moreover, a neoprene case is included in the scope of delivery, which makes it easy to attach the tracker to the horse.

Is the tracker waterproof?

The tracker is IPX4 certified, which means it can withstand heavy rain from all sides. If you hang it under the jet of a faucet for a long time, it could be critical.

How do I get future improvements to the system?

99.9% of future improvements will be implemented in the app. So you won't have to buy a new tracker in the foreseeable future. As usual, you will receive the app updates free of charge from the app stores.

What happens if my smartphone breaks in the fall?

Smartphones can withstand a lot, especially if you also use a protective cover. But of course our system doesn't always help either. We believe, however, that it makes more sense to use a safety system that can automatically call for help in 95% of cases than to be left unconscious on the floor 100% of the time in an emergency.

Can I use the app without a tracker or badge?

Yes, you can apply the basic horse rider safety mechanism without any additional products. The app is free of charge and the only costs that may arise are the standard SMS costs for sending an emergency SMS. If you want to apply additional safety mechanisms like automated accident detection or first-aiders support, you need to buy the required accessoiries like our accident tracker or SOS badges.